Saskatoon Overview

    In a recent survey, Saskatoon was voted #1 overall best city under 250,000 in Canada. It ranked 15th in all of North America!

  • The average price of a home in Saskatoon in 2005 was $135,550 versus Calgary’s $249,331 and Vancouver’s $412,830!!

  • Average commute in Saskatoon is fifteen minutes

  • Saskatoon is the biotechnology capital of Canada

  • Saskatoon is home to the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron, the world’s most powerful synchrotron light source

  • Saskatonians enjoy 2380 hours of sunshine annually

  • Saskatoon is known as a real university town; the University of Saskatchewan offers over 100 degrees, diplomas and certificates, and is home to a wide variety of public attractions

  • The Western Development Museum’s 1910 Boomtown is the longest indoor museum street in Canada

  • Taste real prairie buffalo burgers, bannock, wild rice, and a variety of Saskatoon berry desserts at Waneskewin Heritage Park

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