Saskatchewan Accommodations

When you think of Saskatchewan, the image of fields of wheat and grasslands comes to mind, but did you know that there's a large forestry industry to the north in the Prince Albert area? Saskatchewan accommodations are found in all regions with a large variety in Regina (the provincial capital) and Saskatoon, a major centre.

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Regina Accommodations

Regina is a prarie oasis with parks, museums, art galleries, theatres and is Saskatchewan's provincial capital.

Saskatoon Accommodations

Saskatoon is by the banks of the South Saskatchewan River: home to a university, zoo and 6000 years of First Nations history.

East Central Saskatchewan Accommodations

Provincial parks, farmland, rivers, spas - this is not a sleepy prarie region! There are tons of provincial parks: Wildcat, Greenwater Lake, Good Spirit and more.

Northern Saskatchewan Accommodations

Contrasting the praries, Northern Saskatchewan has vast boreal forests reaching up to the Northwest Territories.

Southern Saskatchewan Accommodations

From T-Rex bones in the west to eagles and wildlife in the east, Southern Saskatchewan has a great variety of holiday spots.

West Central Saskatchewan Accommodations

Pionner history plus bird watching, canoeing, fishing and camping are part of this Saskatchewan region.